Traditional Rattan Handbags

Rattan plant in Indonesia to grow in the forests of Borneo. Borneo society is very familiar with rattan. Therefore many household appliances made of rattan. There are cabinets, desk, chair, and bags. Rattan bag in Kalimantan consists of two types based tone. Some are plain and some are patterned.
The bags woven by hand (handmade). Rattan pelt, skin of rattan and then cut to a uniform width and thickness (width strands of approximately 1 mm), then woven to form a bag. Interestingly, if we look, the bag produced no connection. Yes it is, wicker is woven around to form a bag. There are no stitches, no connections, and no tip base.

Here are 3 forms a plain rattan bags typical of Borneo.

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