Patterned Rattan Bags

One of the products of rattan is the most famous in Kalimantan (Borneo) Indonesia is patterned rattan bag. This bag is made from the outer layer of rattan (rattan peel). These parts are then separated by a core part and then cut to the width of the sheet equated. Roughly the size of 1 mm. Rattan peel is then soaked with dye black. For peel of rattan others left without color. So there are two colors, there are natural without color and black.

Two rattan peel is then woven in such a way so as to form a specific pattern to be bags. As with other rattan leather bag, this bag is not connected or sewn.

The bags consist of some form, there is a rectangle and a circle at the bottom. Woven bag with black-natural blend of colors also exist in the form of a backpack. The shape is circular bottom to top. The Dayaks call these bags anjat.

Here are some rattan bag motif.

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